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The company Linarts s.r.o. was founded in 1992. The development of the company is directed to the production sphere of processing of plastic and polypropylene foils, where it finds potential in the creativity of development, product quality and delivery dates of individual orders. Throughout its history, the company has established itself as a leader among manufacturers of office supplies, school supplies and special orders from plastic foils in the Czech Republic. Every year, we actively prepare the presentation of products at world exhibitions in their field and strive to expand into new markets.

Linarts' production line and standard production are shipped to wholesale companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany and France. In the special orders sector, the company supplies exclusively to end clients, or advertising agencies from all over Europe and overseas.

In 2008, Linarts provided a stable and strong background to approximately 50 employees in the production and sales sections. Due to the increase in demand for goods of our nature from abroad, investments were made in machinery and equipment of production means to such an extent that the company maintains the quality requirements of customers.

The company Linarts s.r.o. is constantly looking for new opportunities in the areas of design and creativity, where due to its rich experience in the production of school and office supplies with licensed motifs, it finds space in the "Fashion, Brand and Design products" sector.

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